Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Talkeetna Water & Sewer

Services Provided:

Services provided in this area are water, sewer and sewage treatment services and facilities, which includes construction, operation, and maintenance of such facilities.

Application for Service:

Contact the Borough’s Operations & Maintenance Specialist in Palmer at (907) 861-7753 or the Talkeetna Operator at (907) 861-8347 to have service established or discontinued.

Required Water Connections:

Mandatory hook-up to the Talkeetna Sewer and Water Service Area System is required for all new facilities constructed after March 17, 1992 and for all existing systems that fail. Mandatory hook-up is not required for structures existing prior to March 17, 1992.

Permanent/Seasonal Service:

To accommodate seasonal needs, the Utility will provide water service to facilities to be turned on annually at a time specified by the customer each spring and suspended at a date in the fall or winter designated by the customer. The monthly Interrupted Service fee is $41.25. The customer shall be charged a fee each time the operator has to remove or replace the meter and turn off or on the water. As of July 1, 2016 this fee is $68.75 per occurrence. Any residence which is occupied will not be allowed to discontinue sewer service even if water service is discontinued.

Change of Occupancy:

A customer who is listed on the Utility records as the person or entity responsible for water consumption at a specific location shall give notice in writing by mail, or in person, of an intended change in occupancy, specifying the date on which service is to be discontinued. Notice shall be provided at least five days prior to the change of occupancy. If the customer fails to provide the required notice, the customer will be charged for a water service furnished to the premises until the Utility provides service to a successor occupant.


Customers will be billed by the Utility at intervals approximating 30 days. Normally, each meter will be read on or about the same date each month and bills will be prepared, utilizing a cycle billing, based on the meter reading. Billings for service of less than thirty days shall be pro-rated on the basis of a thirty day month from the day of connection (turn on). Contact the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Public Works Department, (907) 861-7753, regarding billing questions or information.

Delivery of Bills:

Bills will be mailed to each customer each month at the premise supplied with water and/or sewer or to another address specified by the customer. Bills will be mailed at approximately the same time every month, generally the first day of each month. Failure to receive a billing will not relieve the customer of the obligation to pay for the service rendered.

Payment of Bills:

Bills are due and payable on the date of the billing and will be considered past due and subject to a late charge or finance charge of ten and one-half percent per annum from due date to collection of the account if not paid within twenty-five days after billing date. Payments can be made in person or mailed to the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Finance Department, 350 East Dahlia, Palmer, Alaska 99645. Payments may also be made at the Talkeetna Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union. You can pay using a credit card or debit card at or via telephone at 866-989-9516. Point and pay charges a convenience fee for each transaction of $3.00 per $100 for credit/debit card payments. When using any of these payment option, please be sure to note your Talkeetna Water and Sewer account number.

Refundable Deposit:

To ensure the payment of all charges due for water and sewer service, an applicant or customer shall make a cash deposit with the Utility, per account, in an amount equal to two months of monthly charges. The Utility will refund the deposit after two years of service providing that, in the interim period, the Utility has not been forced to disconnect that customer’s service for reasons of delinquency in payment of charges or that the customer has not been delinquent in payment more than once in any 12 consecutive months, or is not delinquent at end of the two year period. The deposit is to be returned to the customer within 25 days of discontinuance of service. The deposit is interest bearing and cannot be assigned.


Water Rates

Service Fee or Charge
Residential $78.00 per month
Commercial: Metered $87.50 minimum (up to 8,000 gallons)  $11.00 per 1,000 gallons over minimum
Commercial: Non-Metered N/A all accounts are metered
Late Charge $12.50
Interest Charge 10.5%


Service Fee or Charge
Water Turn-on or Turn-Off: During Business Hours* $72.00 each
Water Turn-on Turn-Off: During Non-Business Hours $144.00 each
Hydrant Use: Wrench Deposit $24.88 each
Hydrant Use: Meter Deposit $207.26 each
Water Main Connection Permit Fee $282.00 each
Stub-out Connection Permit Fee $94.00 each
Unauthorized Turn-On or Turn-Off $99.49 each
Meter Test: 3/4" through 2" Meter $41.45 each
Return Check $41.45 each
Call-Out: During Business Hours $72.00 each
Call-Out: During Non-Business Hours $144.00 each
Key Box Locate: During Business Hours $72.00 each
Key Box Locate: During Non-Business Hours $144.00 each
Temporary Off-Site Construction Service -Bulk Sales: Hydrant Meter Deposit $203.20 each
Temporary Off-Site Construction Service - Bulk Sales: Service from Fire Hydrant $7.00 per 1,000 gallons
Temporary Construction Service: 3/4" $59.86 per month
Temporary Construction Service: 1" $105.78 per month
Temporary Construction Service: 1 ½" $235.29 per month
Temporary Construction Service: 2" $419.26 per month
Temporary Construction Service: Larger than 2" By Special Agreement
Refundable Deposit Two months water service at applicable monthly rate
Application Fee $385

*Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Sewer Rates

Service Fee or Charge
Residential $60.00 per month
Commercial $114.00 per month


Service Fee or Charge
Sewer Connection Permit Fee* $282.00 each
Stub-out Connection Permit Fee* $94.00 each
Refundable Deposit Two months service at applicable monthly rate
Call-out during business hours $72.00 each
Return Check $41.45 each
Unauthorized Connection $99.49 each and monthly charges
Application Fee $385

* If a water connection is being done at the same time as a sewer connection, charge will only be for the water connection.



Metering is required for all commercial and industrial customer classes receiving water service from the Utility. One meter is to be installed for each connection. If more than one structure, recreation vehicle (RV), or mobile home is connected to a single water service connection, the service must be metered and will be considered a commercial account and charged accordingly.



The developer, property owner, or authorized agent shall acquire a connect permit from the Utility for each water connection and water extension prior to its construction. The developer, owner, or authorized agent must complete the permit application, designate the size of connection and pay the permit fee as set forth in the schedule of fees and charges. No water connection will be made without the required permit.