Port Mackenzie Rail Extension Project

Project Area

The proposed rail-only project would result in a 30- to 45-mile rail line in the Susitna River valley. The rail line would travel north from the port facility and connect to the existing rail system at a point between Meadow Lakes and north of Willow.

The new rail line would be an extension of the ARRC system, which currently connects ports in Seward, Whittier, and Anchorage with Interior Alaska, including Denali National Park, Fairbanks, and North Pole.

The track will lie roughly in the center of a 200-foot right-of-way. The project is rail-only, with corresponding facilities including a maintenance road, and does not include a public road.

The possible rail alignments and crossing locations will be evaluated on the basis of numerous factors including potential environmental impacts, engineering feasibility, and right-of-way concerns.


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